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My name is Melanie Nolleau, a young professional specializing in European policies and international relations. Currently working for the French Ministry of Agriculture, I administer the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP 2023-2027) environmental policies components and their application within the French regulations and national programs.  

I graduated with a Master's in European Affairs from Sciences Po Paris. My area of interest ranges from EU external action, global trade to agriculture and environmental policies. With a strong background in political science, my holistic understanding of contemporary issues enabled me to work on topics such as gender equality, food security, trade policies and digital inclusion. I wish to dedicate my professional journey to working on providing innovative responses to current global challenges faced by the European Union and its Member States.

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Ensure equal access to healthy, safe and nutritious food for all. 

On March 31st 2023, I gave the closing remarks of the  EU-India Region Dialogue on Sustainable Food Systems at the Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi. Surrounded by brilliant speakers from the EU, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan, we exchanged common challenges, good practices and ways forward for sustainable food systems. 

From Farm to Fork 

On December 2022, I contributed to the EU participation in the Food Fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. The three-day Food Fair welcomed EU Delegates and Economic counsellors to discuss the opportunities for EU Food and Beverages in India.  With two roundtables on culinary diplomacy and geographical indications, wines masterclass and EU-India fusion cooking classes, we successfully promoted the European art de la table to the Indian market! 

"For the EU, the partnership with India is one of our most important relationships for the upcoming decade" Dombrovskis

During my traineeship at the Trade Section of the EU Delegation to India, I had the amazing opportunity to enter the room of the EU-India FTA agreement. If confidentiality shall remain for the sake of the partnership, I present the main components of the agreement, its objectives and pitfalls. 


While pursuing a Master's degree in European policies, I joined the Research and Educational Programme on Gender Studies (PRESAGE) at Sciences Po. Awarded the Advanced Certification in Gender Studies and the Anti-discrimination Policies Evaluation certificates by Sciences Po, I actively participated to the public debate on gender equality by publishing research and opinion articles. 

From Kashmir to Kozhikoze, discover India's most wonderful treasures, its breathtaking scenery, its incomparable gastronomy, and astonishing culture...