EU Culinary Diplomacy to promote agricultural market access. 

On December 2022, I was part of the cohort that represented the EU at the SIAL Food Fair & Winexpo to raise awareness and promote European food products and alcoholic beverages among Indian importers, hospitality businesses and consumers. With special attention to our Geographical Indications products, we displayed in total more than 200 different food and alcoholic products and put forward the EU's authentic heritage for gastronomy. As part of the program, we welcomed the Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra for a live EU-India fusion cooking session, and several wine-tasting classes delivered by Mr Arora, President of Wine Academy of India. Finally, we organised two discussion panels with our Member States Counsellors to debate the Benefits of Geographical Indications products for businesses and European culinary diplomacy through sustainable trade. 

India's Organic Market: Which opportunities for the EU? 

I produced a market study on the EU's opportunities to consider India as a potential market for organic export. Outlaying the socio-historical context of the agricultural policies in India, from the Green Revolution in the 1960s to the LiFE initiative for a greener future, I unveiled the main components of organic products' consumption in India. With a growing middle class and demand for safer and more nutritious products free from pesticides, the Indian market represents an incomparable market for the EU. With a stronger and more reliable organic certification system, the EU can provide for the growing hospitality sector and its aspirational consumers, who on average are ready to pay a premium price for healthier and immunity-boost food products and beverages. The EU's political commitment to farm-to-fork strategy aligned with India's investment in natural farming and new consumption trends make India an attractive market for the EU exports of organic products.

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